VIMAP PORTABLE – mobile unit for transformer oil dehydration

VIMAP PORTABLE is used in the purpose of on-site dehydration and filtration of transformer oil. It is ideal for use while the oil is in power transformer, in barrels, for new oil prior to filling into the transformer or to be used simply as a pump.

Designed in several standard sizes and configurations it is suitable for the whole range of power transformers size rates, oil quantities and customer needs.

Depending on specific customer requirements VIMAP PORTABLE custom and modular design allows us to combine different number of columns, their positions and sizes as well as to equip it with many optional components.

Operating Principle

The gear pump draws transformer oil from the lowest point of the tank or from the barrel and sends it through adsorbent and fine filter and returns it to the tank or barrel.

Oil Dehydration

Oil is dehydrated by means of granulated synthetic adsorbents which attract water molecules and permanently hold them in the pores of their active surface.

Scope of Supply

  • Mobile trolley or frame
  • Control box with frequency converter and motor starter
  • Flexible hoses (2 x 5 m)


  • Additional safety features for on-load operation while the power transformer is energized (please contact us for details
  • Moisture transmitter for measurement of water content in the oil and adsorbent saturation

Main features

  • No oil heating
  • No oil vacuuming
  • No antioxidant additives removing
  • No dissolved gasses removing